Los cinco datos estadísticos sobre los cultivos transgénicos que debes conocer



In 2014, more farmers grew biotech crops than ever in the technology’s 18-year history. For the third straight year, developing countries grew the majority of biotech crops. Bangladesh became the newest adopter of plant biotechnology, growing the first-ever commercialized insect-resistant biotech brinjal. Check out these top stats and Tweet them to your followers!



1-19-years-of-consecutive-growth Biotech is booming:
Biotech crops are growing in popularity. Farmers in 28 countries planted a record 181.5 million hectares last year – up from 175.2 million in 2013.
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2-Fast-Adopted-Crop-Technology Today’s most popular tech:
Biotechnology is fastest adopted crop technology in modern ages. It’s making farms everywhere more sustainable and resilient, which helps maintain an abundant and consistent food supply for consumers.
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3-Top-5-countries-planting Diversified growth around the world:
Biotech crops are grown in some of the world’s most populous nations. In fact, more than half of the world’s population lives in countries where biotech crops are grown.
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4-Biotech-Benefits Huge economic benefits:
Biotech has increased crop production and improved farm incomes by $133 billion since the first varieties were planted in 1996.
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5-GLOBAL_HECTARES_012115_MAP Developing world embraces biotech:
For the third consecutive year, farmers in the developing world planted more biotech crops than industrial countries.
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